The Visual Media Service provides easy publication and presentation on the web of complex visual media assets. It is an automatic service that allows to upload visual media files on an server and to transform them into an efficient web format, making them ready for web-based visualization.

The Visual Media Service was born as part of FP7 EU-INFRA Ariadne project, aimed at providing an integrated data infrastructure for archaeological research. The work has been then extended in the framework of the H2020 PARTHENOS project (technological update of the system to new data encoding and new interactive visualization algorithms) and H2020 EOSC Pilot (incorporation of user authentication, enabling integration with D4Science VRE, extensive user tests).

This service was developed by: Visual Computing Lab - ISTI - CNR

Note: the Visual Media Server is NOT to be intended as an archive or a repository. It is an instrument to allow scholars/professionals to publish on the web large visual data and to share them with colleagues, to support cooperative work. We do provide a browsing feature, but only with the scope of showing what users have submitted so far (consider that we had more than 400 single submissions, but most of them are not "public" due to confidentiality reasons requested by the owners, e.g. because those data are part of unpublished current research).
As an example of an archival service which provides features for presentation of 3D data, please check the ADS archive, that is also based on 3DHOP.


Please send comments or queries to: ponchio@isti.cnr.it


November 2018.
September 2018, major refit.
Dicember 2017, updated and maintenance
October 2016, tiff bugfix!
February 2016, new release!